Faculty of Engineering

Faculty of Engineering

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Faculty of Engineering (1907)

Degree Programs

Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering(4 years)

Tracks: Food Engineering; Environmental Management; Energy Engineering; Biotechnology; and Materials Science and Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering(4 years)

Tracks:Construction Engineering and Management;Geotechnical Engineering;Structural Engineering;Transportation Engineering; andWater Resources Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering(4 years)

Tracks: Power Systems Track; Renewable Energy and Energy Management

Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering(4 years)

Tracks: Information and Communications Technology; Instrumentation and Control Systems; and Microelectronics

Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering(4 years)

Tracks: Production Engineering; Quality Engineering; Operations Research and Analytics; and Service Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering(4 years)

Tracks: Engineering Design and Consultancy; Automotive Engineering; and Manufacturing Engineering

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Vision, Mission, Goals, & Objectives

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Vision, Mission, Goals, & Objectives


To be a premier Catholic institution in engineering education, research, and innovation in the Asia-Pacific Region


The Faculty of Engineering is committed to the pursuit of truth and the formation to the pursuit of truth and the formation of technically competent engineers and technologists imbued with Christian values needed for the service of the Church, the nation, and the global community.

  1. To assure the integral formation of its members by promoting a dialogue between faith and science
  2. To cultivate religious values, as well as a sense of professionalism, honesty, and commitment
  3. To promote technical excellence, quality, and productivity
  4. To develop logical and critical thinking through problem solving
  5. To raise the level of concern for the environment while adapting to the rapid technological changes
  6. To inculcate a sense of nationalism and pride in the Filipino
  7. To serve as an instrument in the building of the Church and Society

The UST Faculty of Engineering holds a strong commitment to the pursuit of truth and to the formation of technically competent engineers imbued with Christian values. In line with this commitment, the Faculty pursues three objectives.

First, the Faculty aims to enable the engineering student to achieve maximum professional competence which his aptitude and native intelligence will allow. The UST has spared no expense in procuring adequate instructional facilities as well as in selecting competent faculty staff in order to achieve this.

Second, the Faculty seeks to develop in its students an incorruptible sense of professional ethics and the right social conscience based on a strong faith in God. In this direction, the Faculty is supported by curricula which extend beyond purely technical and engineering courses to include theology, values and ethics.

Third, the Faculty strives to inculcate in its community interest in the natural arts, culture and heritage, and an active concern for the environment. This is manifest in the balanced curriculum content and in the wholesome atmosphere for extra-curricular affairs that the Faculty and the University as a whole can speak of.

Program / Department Recognitions

Program / Department Recognitions


Full Accreditation

Level III Accreditation


Student Organizations



Student Organizations

Engineering Student Council

American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers – UST Student Branch (ASHRAE)

Association of Civil Engineering Students (ACES)

Cisco Networking Academy Gateway

Engineering Dance Troupe

Industrial Engineering Circle

Network of Electronics Engineering Students – UST Chapter (NECES)

Operations Research Society of the Philippines – UST Chapter

UST One Voice Engineering Chorale

UST Chemical Engineering Society

UST Electrical Engineering Circuit

UST Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Student Branch

Pax Romana – Engineering Unit

UST Red Cross Youth Council – Engineering Unit

Rotaract Club – Engineering Unit



Patron of the UST Faculty of Engineering

Feast Day: February 13

Blessed Jordan of Saxony came from a noble German family. He finished his studies at the University of Paris, where he met the newly established Dominican Order founded by St. Dominic de Guzman.

Inspired by Reginald of Orleans, he joined the Order to finally fulfill God’s spiritual calling. Shortly after Saint Dominic’s death on August 6, 1221, he was elected as the Master General of the Order, which was on its sixth year.

Known for his charisma, it was known that the people were never the same again after their encounter with this Dominican Preacher. Jordan certainly had the gift, the energy, and the ability to challenge one’s thoughts, which encouraged the people to contemplate their existence and understand the Word of the Lord.

Despite his strict disciplinarian values which he was known for, many still saw Blessed Jordan as someone overflowing with kindness. While he was around the town teaching, many people were drawn to him. One of the notable people who became a part of the Order was Albertus Magnus, who was later on honored as a Doctor of the Church.

On his way to Palestine, he died in a shipwreck in 1357. Blessed Jordan of Saxony was venerated by Pope Leo XII in 1825.


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  • Dominican Province of Saint Dominic. (2012). (1190-1237). Accessed on December 14, 2015.


Rev. Fr. Roberto L. Luanzon, O.P., SThD, DL


Department Chairpersons

Faculty Council

Faculty Council

Rev. Fr. Roberto L. Luanzon, Jr., O.P., SThD, DL

Member (Ex-Officio)


Asst. Prof. Gabriel Rodnei M. Geslani, MSc

Laboratory Supervisor, Physics

Engr. Jeffrey G. Mercado, MSMgtE

Laboratory Supervisor, Machine Shop

Asst. Prof. Armando V. Barreto, MBA, PECE

Laboratory Supervisor, Computer

Asst. Prof. Amante T. Garcia, MSc, PECE

Program Supervisor, Cisco


Engr. La Verne Ramir D.T. Certeza, RMEE, MENG

Engineering Pre-Major Year Collaborative

Engr. Marvin L. Samaniego, MSc

Engineering Pre-Major Year Collaborative (EPYC)

Asst. Prof. Christabel Jane P. Rubio, PhD

Engineering Accreditation and Continuous Quality Improvement Program (EACQuIP)

Assoc. Prof. Dolores S.D. Cleofas, PhD, ASEAN Engr.

Student Academic Advising and other Services (SAAS)

Asst. Prof. Charlie A. Marquez, MSIE, PIE


Industry, Government, Academe, and Alumni Relations Program (IGAARP)

Asst. Prof. Maria Sharlene I. Cabel, MSc

Immersion Coordinator

Industry, Government, Academe, and Alumni Relations Program (IGAARP)

Guidance Counselors

Guidance Counselors

Ms. Khristine Lorraine C. Lim, MA, RGC

Mechanical Engineering

Ms. Naomi N. Rosales, MA, RGC

Electrical Engineering

Electronics Engineering

Ms. Azucena B. Magana, MA, RGC

Civil Engineering

Ms. Riechell E. Testor, MA, RGC

Chemical Engineering

Support Staff

Support Staff

Mr. Edwin G. Antonio

Office Secretary

Ms. Jennifer C. del Rosario

Office Clerk

Mr. Marco Antonio A. Fuentes

Office Clerk

Mr. Mark Jaycob I. dela Cruz

General Clerk

Mr. Reinerio Maynard I. Gabilo

Utility Clerk

Mr. Allen Randall P. Dagdagan

Computer Laboratory Technician

Mr. Rizalex G. Leaño

Computer Laboratory Technician

Mr. Danilo S. Pareño

Computer Laboratory Technician

Mr. Randy P. Arcega

Laboratory Assistant

Mr. Claudillo B. Bagadiong

Laboratory Assistant

Mr. Mahar B. Banawa

Laboratory Assistant

Mr. Jonathan C. Bartolome

Laboratory Assistant

Mr. Buenaventura C. Cave, Jr.

Laboratory Assistant

Mr. Ronaldo B. Frias

Laboratory Assistant

Mr. Oliver P. Granada

Laboratory Assistant

Mr. Conrado L. Halili

Laboratory Assistant

Mr. Leandro C. Labanda

Laboratory Assistant

Mr. Arsenio S. Medel

Laboratory Assistant

Mr. Wendell B. Naguit

Laboratory Assistant

Mr. Geronimo M. Ponce, Jr.

Laboratory Assistant

Mr. Alex Roland B. Realco, Jr.

Laboratory Assistant

Mr. Dan Jay R. Sisayan

Laboratory Assistant

Mr. Jesus T. Tardecilla

Laboratory Assistant

Mr. Rizalindo S. Tuazon

Laboratory Assistant

Mr. Elmer M. Villafuerte

Laboratory Assistant